Hey everyone! Amanda here with another blogpost to help you prepare for the NREMT. 

Today we’re talking about the dos and don’ts of studying for the NREMT. I’ll give you pointers that will help you pass the first time! 

And if this is the second time around, don’t worry— all you need to do is focus on these do’s and don’ts. You ready?


Focus on your weak areas.

Is there any chapter or lesson you’re struggling to move past? Don’t distract yourself by studying what you already know. Set aside time to reflect on the range of topics that you’re unsure about— remember, they will come up on the big exam! 

Have a study plan that works for you. 

There is no one-size-fits-all for studying the NREMT. If you’re a visual learner, make a board with definitions and images and utilize whiteboards by drawing out anatomical systems. This will make all the difference. 

Prevent burnout by managing stress. 

For all test takers, it’s important to take regular breaks and prioritize self-care. Relaxation techniques along with diet, exercise, and sleep can help you prevent burnout and maximize your studying. Emotional release helps to; so if you’re stressed or overwhelmed, be sure to talk to someone you trust. 


You cram right before the test. You can’t pass the NREMT if you’re neglecting key study time. Stay on top of your studies, don’t just go through the motions of attending class hoping things will stick. You have to put in active effort to learn. 

Feeling unmotivated and helpless. 

Prolonged stress can make you exhausted and may lead to idleness. You need to feel energized to want to study. Remember the passion that brought you to study to be and EMT and take back control of your studies. 

Expect an app to do all the work for you. 

There are a tons of apps out there that offer you quick fixes and shortcuts for EMS study. Spend most of your time by following your class lessons not some app meant to cut corners.

You can do this, students! Back to the books you go!