Hello everyone,

Since you’re here, I take it that you’re ready to get to work but don’t know what the process will look like.

Having an rewarding, fast pace job is great and bringing home a steady paycheck makes it that much better. That’s why this article will dive into job-hunting strategies for students who just successfully completed their EMS studies and passed the NREMT. 

Let’s start with a huge positive fact, and that’s that many companies are hiring and already WANT you to work with them!

It is not exactly difficult to find a job as an EMT— a willing body ready to do honest work is always appreciated, especially during this period where many companies are severely understaffed. So how do you get to finding these jobs anyway? Sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or a simple google search for “EMT jobs near you” will likely yield a bunch of job listings.

Decide what setting would best fit you. 

Do you want to work at a private or public company? This is a major question to consider before sending out your applications. It’s believed that private companies hire faster and are willing to hire students straight out of school, so that’s something to consider. 

Remember, your instructors are a still a great resource!

Keep your instructors email handy in case you want to ask them for general career advice— they’re in the business of helping their students succeed. They care about you and want you to do well. 

Consider your longterm goals.

Making a five year plan will help you visualize your priorities in a concrete way. Build your resume so you can look more appealing to other future positions. If you want to be a paramedic, firefighter, nurse, PT, or instructor consider your future to best outline your plan. See the requirements for your career of choice and attack!

Happy job hunting.

Amanda, with the team at EMS University