Hey readers— Amanda from EMS University here, and this one is for all the ladies considering a new, exciting career in the medical profession.

Did you know that approximately 30% of all EMTs identify as female?

That means the EMT field is a predominately run by men.

There’s a bright side for us frontline ladies however— the percentage of female EMTs is steadily growing, approximately 35% of new recruits are women, meaning more and more women are interested in the field than ever before.

I think more women should break into EMS and here’s why;

Women possess physical strength, diligence, empathy and stable mental health like men do.

If you can’t lift a 400 pound patient, that’s ok. Luckily, EMS is a career where you’ll never be alone— you will always be supported by your teammates. There is no shame in asking for assistance when you need it to avoid injury to your team, your patients, or yourself.

Women patients might feel more comfortable around you.

There are times where a woman may be too embarrassed to divulge the intimate details of a UTI or uncomfortable vaginal pain with male EMTs. You’re presence may serve to help bring safety and peace of mind to patients who are more reserved or timid in front of men.

You may be the only women in your squad— like a boss.
Being the only woman at your station shows you aren’t afraid to break into a male dominated field. Steer clear of team members with big egos no matter their gender. These people can put others at risk.

Your presence will likely bring more women into the field!

A rising popularity of women EMTs will bring more women into the workforce. We all know that the fact that you’re a woman isn’t the reason for your achievement. It’s the dedication, skill, and empathy an EMT uses to treat her patients. Still, representation matters!

If you’re a woman interested in EMS, we encourage you to apply to our program. If you possess qualities of strength, diligence, and resilience, regardless of your gender, join EMS and become part of this community of heroes.